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Advisory Board

Board Connects Advisory councils raison d'être is to advise and influence the strategy and direction of our business.

They do this by providing feedback, thought leadership, co-creation and opinion to help develop our products, platform and propositions. Whilst assessing our services and providing impartial and constructive guidance on the furthering of our networks and overall effectiveness. as such we have a range of diverse council members.

Advisory Council Members
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Why choose us

Our talent pools are made up of people who Currently hold Board room positions

It is critical for all organisations to develop, manage and retain talented people at all levels. Our talent pools are made up of people who currently hold Board room positions, or aspire to develop into board level rolesdisplaying the attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge that will help create healthy environments for everyone.

BoardConnect is about setting our members on the right path to achieve your aspirations. We ensure that senior level talent is more visible, helping our employee partners to recruit and retain leaders, reduce vacancies, cut the cost of recruitment and support succession planning.

We enable collaborative working across the system to identify, develop and retain talent at a range of levels. Our future leaders need to have experience and understanding from multiple perspectives to help with the implementation of health and sustainability policy. Our unique approach, combined with our cross-system, diverse talent pool enable us to manage our talent in a more strategic and effective way.