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About Us

About Board Connect

We exist to support your growth

Board Connect exists to support your professional development, enabling everyone to progress, widen your network and become more confident, capable leaders. 

Our Leadership network is experienced and aspiring Directors to learn, network, share knowledge and actively seek the views of workforce leaders to ensure their voice is front and centre of both policy and practice.

Our practical resources and expert insights help members make sense of current and emerging policy issues, keep employers up to date with the latest thinking and ensure businesses are informed and equipped to support their respective workforces.  

BoardConnect are supporting a cross sectorial approach towards the creation of the very best leaders, in the UK’s largest emerging marketplaces.

Our Mission

Our Network helps you become a better leader-giving you tools & skills you can use for your next NED or BOARD role

When we consider innovation and transformational change in business the problems and issues we encounter are often complex, ambiguous and ill-defined, with no clear solution. Potential outcomes are new or yet to be discovered. Solutions in one part of the system may well lead to unintended consequences in another. 

To approach these challenges, boards need to think differently and adopt a broad range of skills, expertise and equitably diverse personnel.


Join Us

We provide open access to our intelligence centre

We ask you to join us in collectively nurturing, developing and sharing our talent. It is vitally important, especially in times of challenge, that we make the space to recognise and celebrate the people who embody the values of our focused sectors and will lead its development now and for the future.

This is why BoardConnect provide open access to our intelligence centre and communities of practice to all members.

Why choose us

Our network is made up of people who Currently hold Board room positions

It is critical for all organisations to develop, manage and retain talented people at all levels. Our network is made up of people who currently hold Board room positions, or aspire to develop into board level roles, displaying the attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge that will help create healthy environments for everyone.

Board Connect is about setting our members on the right path to achieve their aspirations. We ensure that senior level executives are visible, easily accessible to all members of our network, allowing collaborative conversation & guidance, A way to ask peers for their opinion. 

We enable collaborative working across the our discussion boards to identify, develop at a range of information,  see what the community wants and build upon it, from the latest industry news to learning and development that we may be of interest providing value to our members.

Our unique approach, combined with our cross-system, diverse network enables us to guide and create learning content in a more strategic and effective way.